Food & beverage programming, concept creation, project vision and restaurant consulting services for real estate development projects and hospitality clients

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Who we are

Leslie Brenner Concepts was founded in 2019 by Leslie Brenner, whose unique set of skills and experience help give real estate developments and hospitality businesses an unmatchable edge.

 What we do


  • Concept creation and re-concepting



  • food hall development/F&B merchandising

  • Food & Beverage strategy

  • strategic marketing, BRANDING AND RE-BRANDING

 Who we help

  • A real estate developer seeking a bold food & beverage vision and experiential programming to reposition and relaunch a newly acquired shopping center

  • The founder of a retail startup needing someone to create the right restaurant for the concept

  • A first-time restaurateur who has dreamt up a neighborhood bistro and needs help getting it off the ground

  • An architectural firm seeking a creative, highly effective F&B consultant for a forward-looking mixed-use project

  • The Tokyo-based owner of a group of successful izakaya restaurants in Japan who would like to adapt the concept for expansion to the U.S.

  • A seasoned hotelier in need of a fresh restaurant idea for a tired dining room

  • A super-successful restaurateur in (quality-conscious!) expansion mode who wants to ensure their flagship doesn’t drop in quality and performance while they open outlet number three (or 27)

  • The owner of a critically acclaimed restaurant that could use a more compelling wine list, more guests on a Tuesday night, rebranding or a critical assessment of their menu assortment and execution — with actionable solutions, of course